Sprinkler Service

Whether you system was installed by Aquamist or someone else, our service technicians and trucks are fully trained and stocked to service every system. Our trucks are equipped with all Hunter, Rainbird, and Toro parts to make most repairs that day! Our Goal is to keep your system operating in the same high-quality manner as the day it was installed.  Aquamist offers a wide variety of services for new installations and for customers with existing lawn sprinkler systems. Annual maintenance is required to protect your system from freeze damage, plant growth, water efficiency, and to extend the overall life of your system. To Request the service department to contact you, please email Liz liz@aquamist.net or call 800-841-4241.

Spring Start Up:

  • Skilled and trained technicians will thoroughly examine your system for any winter damage and make all necessary repairs
  • Backflow device reinstalled and checked for leaks
  • Adjust all sprinkler heads.
  • Examine rain sensor.
  • Set up controller

Mid-Summer Service:

  • Full examination of your system consisting of a walk through with the client.
  • Adjust system (heads)
  • Clock readjustment for the existing weather trends.


  • Removal of water from your irrigation system with special techniques and equipment to ensure no damage to existing lines occurs over the winter
  • Removal of Backflow device
  • Aquamist will store the backflow device at your home for safekeeping over the winter, we will not take your property to our facilities for the winter.
  • Shut down of controller

Upgrades to Existing system:

  • Whether your landscaping has changed or if you need major repairs to an existing system, Aquamist can provide you with a detailed recommendation after the start up to improve your existing system layout and efficiency.

Backflow Tests:

  • This is an annual required test by Illinois and Indiana State law to ensure that the backflow device is preventing any irrigation water from back siphoning into your domestic drinking water.
  • A certified union plumber will test your backflow device and tag the valve with a current test certificate
  • Test results will be sent directly to your City, you do not have to worry about anything, Aquamist will take care of it for you.
  • Most residential tests can be done without any appointments if the valve is located outside.

If you are happy... tell a friend... a referred installation gets you a FREE winterization!