Welcome to Aquamist Plumbing and Lawn Sprinkling Company

Aquamist Plumbing and Lawn Sprinkling Co., Inc. is a professional contractor based just south of downtown Chicago. We have been performing quality work since 1976. This company was founded for our customer's convenience, and we continually strive to be sensitive to our customers' wants and needs. Our goal is to ensure a hassle-free, quality experience through the design, construction, and completion of your project.

Aquamist offers service, design, and installation in all facets of irrigation. Aquamist is also a commercial plumbing contractor. Our services embrace the entire Chicagoland area, along with Northwest Indiana.

In the last 33 years, Aquamist has created thousands of irrigation systems for commercial and residential use. Whether it be The Chicago Skyway or your home, we pride ourselves on excellence and attention to detail.

Recent Plumbing Projects
A list of Aquamist's current irrigation projects and commercial plumbing projects